Penthouse Garden Office & Sweetwater Bungalows


The five sided Penthouse Garden Office offers almost 10 square metres of floor space and offers the following features and benefits:

  • Well insulated to reduce temperature fluctuations and heating costs
  • Good acoustic insulation to reduce noise from outside and inside
  • Sufficient glass to create an even light inside
  • Southerly orientation of some windows to warm the room combined with roof overhang and natural shading to reduce overheating in Summer
  • Airtight structure to reduce heat loss
  • Passive ventilation through air vents plus opening windows and doors
  • Textured surfaces and minimally processed materials.

A stimulating, modern garden room designed for work, rest and play:
The Penthouse Garden Office.


See another fantastic idea for creating unique and inspiring spaces for you, your family or your guests: Sweetwater Bungalows.

Sweetwater Bungalows, with innovative design and framework, are unique tent cabin kits/portable housing kits. These timeless bungalows combine stability and protection from a substantial wood frame with lightness and beauty from fabric walls. Natural, light permeates throughout the day and they glow with romantic tranquility at night. Together with windows and a door, a cozy bungalow is created from these tent cabin kits.


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