Bamboo Homes

Bamboo is versatile with a short growth cycle. It can be harvested in 3-5 years versus 10-50 years for most softwoods and hardwoods. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on this planet. It grows one third faster than the fastest growing tree. Some species grow as much as four feet a day. Thanks to its rapid growth, the yield (weight per acreage and year) is up to 25 times higher than that of timber.

How long will these bamboo houses last?
A bamboo house will last as long or longer than any conventional wood framed building. In Japan, bamboo structures have a history of lasting 200 years. In Vietnam, bamboo structures built with untreated bamboo poles of the same species used in our buildings are over 50 years old. These poles are used for telephone and power lines.


Live in the Beauty and Grace of Natural Bamboo Homes: Bamboo Technologies

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Bamboo Houses are designed to exceed seismic and hurricane requirements of international building codes. Steel reinforced bamboo brace panels are used in each building and then bolted securely to engineered foundations. Now we have real evidence from the Cook Islands, of just how well Bamboo houses held up against 173 mph hurricane winds and tsunami like waves, compared to nearby conventional wood frame resorts which were demolished.


Bamboo Houses Stand up to Hurricanes


An Architecture Design Competition of Structural Bamboo Buildings: "Visionary Designs for Ecological Living".

2006/2007 International Bamboo Building Design Competition


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  1. The poor in the rural Philippines have bamboo houses...with thatch roofs and often a TV antenna on top...but in the last 20 years, they have been gradually replaced with concrete houses..

    the older houses here in the rural area are hardwood (which you can no longer buy legally because of illegal logging) and the new houses are alas concrete.

    I don’t know if a bamboo house would last that long...they tend to be shoddy and fall apart...and even our old hardwood house has termites.

    My husband’s family home is hardwood, with bamboo slats for a floor...the dirt simply falls between the cracks. The “windows” slide open, and when closed had capiz shells. And it is traditional, with three levels: A walk in kitchen, and the bedrooms raised to catch the breeze...and under the raised bedrooms is storage and for animals.

    Alas, because of robbers, I doubt anyone would buy a bamboo house here in the Philippines…
    Here, you need locks and all the windows have bars on them…

    It’s a shame, because concrete is hot…
    Our “new” house is Mission style, with a fountain and lots of trees that keep it cool...but it’s still hotter than the old termite ridden house.

    Posted by Boinkie at 06.07.06 @ 09:46

  2. I read the most interesting review of the many uses of bamboo, and I was really impressed by this exaggerated description of bamboo uses: �A man can sit in a bamboo house under a bamboo roof, on a bamboo chair at a bamboo table, with a bamboo hat on his head and bamboo sandals on his feet. He can at the same time hold in one hand a bamboo bowl, in the other hand bamboo chopsticks and eat bamboo sprouts. When through with his meal, which has been cooked over a bamboo fire, the table may be washed with a bamboo cloth, and he can fan himself with a bamboo fan, take a siesta on a bamboo bed, lying on a bamboo mat with his head resting on a bamboo pillow. His child might be lying in a bamboo cradle, playing with a bamboo toy. On rising he would smoke a bamboo pipe and taking a bamboo pen, write on a bamboo paper, or carry his articles in bamboo baskets suspended from a bamboo pole, with a bamboo umbrella over his head. He might then take a walk over a bamboo suspension bridge, drink water from a bamboo ladle, and scrape himself with a bamboo scraper (handkerchief)�.

    Posted by at 01.10.07 @ 13:18

  3. so this bamboo houses are in Philippines? looks very nice. not sure how safe and long lasting they are tho

    Posted by Philippines at 07.06.08 @ 09:43

  4. The Bamboo houses pictured here have been built on Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii. The Bamboo Technologies factory is in Viet Nam.

    Bamboo Technologies pioneered a sustainable, nontoxic treatment process for structural bamboo poles. The process , which uses a simple salt, makes the bamboo inedible to insects and expands the life of the bamboo. With proper weather protection there is every reason to envision that Structural Bamboo will survive as long or longer than any hardwood used in construction.

    The House Kits we’ve developed all benefit from computer aided design that maximizes the structural integrity of the bamboo such that our houses are earthquake proof and hurricane rated for sustained 180 Mile an hour winds.

    Originally designed for tropical applications, we’ve recently added insulation panels to our structures making them appropriate for virtually any climate.

    The result is a house that’s beautiful and graceful to live in, and which has an extremely favorable environmental impact bring made principally from sustainable bamboo, the fastest growing plant on the planet.

    Posted by Sam Small at 22.06.08 @ 21:20

  5. Not sure how long they would last , but i am sure I would like to try living in one,

    Posted by Florida Pest Control at 07.08.08 @ 23:49

  6. kawayan in Filipino/tagalog/ilocano is bamboo in english or american languages.

    i’ve seen many bamboo houses in the Philippines.
    it is usually the poor man’s house. most of these houses were poorly built. and the materials used are usually the thin bamboos.

    this may be the reason why the problem on thieves or robbers arose because it is easy to break in thru thin bamboos. however, there are certain species of bamboos that cannot be broken with a single or more strokes of an asero bolo. this species of bamboos are thick and somewhat has an “iron hardness”.

    for padlocks, proper framing of the appropriate bamboo posts and doors and windows and fences reduces the risk of robbers or thieves.

    Posted by at 12.08.08 @ 10:40

  7. i am in chennai.. I want some details on bamboo living homes and also about its life time.. Can u just mail me those details..
    And where can i get those bamboo in chennai.

    Posted by at 11.09.08 @ 07:33

  8. I’m a proud owner of one of Bamboo Technologies homes and I can tell you that it’s an absolute joy to live in. Mine was the first bamboo house on Maui to get a building permit, home insurance and a mortgage and others have followed. All of which advances the concept of a house built out of bamboo from just a great idea into a provable success.

    Posted by at 13.09.08 @ 15:19

  9. Be sure to situate your bamboo home not near to termite mounds, as this would destroy your bamboo, I have seen other people who make bamboo houses and cottages who put some chemicals such as termite killers in the bamboo to prevent this pests, anyway bamboo is very tough, Take an example ofthat of the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ, It stood more than hundreds of years and it still produces quality sounds from the organ itself.

    Posted by at 17.10.08 @ 06:42

  10. amazing those homes withstood 173 mph winds
    its a pretty goog thing those homes can last 200 years, pretty incredible

    Posted by at 18.10.08 @ 18:38

  11. az custom home builder, how cool is it inside the bamboo homes. and how does the insurance work with these homes apartments in houston, and do these homes have water penetration problems

    Posted by at 18.10.08 @ 18:40

  12. Hi Andrew
    The interiors are very comfortable, very organic, peaceful.
    There’s a great virtual tour of the interior of one of the bamboo homes at:

    Bamboo Technologies homes are all building code certified, and as with all housing, the financial mechanisms of home insurance and mortgage financing flows from that local certification of structural soundness.

    The buildings are roofed locally with whatever material works for your climate, that’s the primary water protection, the bamboo siding and any exposed bamboo poles are all “painted” with a marine grade varnish called Cetol. Like most painted homes, they do require some maintenance every few years depending on climate and UV exposure and can be easily re-coated just like you would paint any house. So, properly maintained, there’s no water penetration problems at all. 

    Thanks for your interest. Bamboo is a great choice.

    Posted by Sam Small at 18.10.08 @ 20:07

  13. we are moving to Costa Rica and need to build our home.. We love the whole Bamboo theme..


    Posted by at 29.10.08 @ 18:42

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