Flower Photos by Shoji Ikeda


Flower Photos by Shoji Ikeda

Flowers which bloom in the four seasons in Japan.

Posted at 03.05.07 @ 11:17


  1. Pink flowers are the fairies of garden. I adore pink flowers and this one’s just lovely!!

    Posted by at 29.09.06 @ 20:28

  2. Schöne Farben, einfach Wundervoll.

    Posted by npblog at 30.09.06 @ 15:27

  3. This is so beautiful.  Is it a cherry?  Or a lovely crab apple?  Please give the name of this plant.  I want one in my yard!  Thank you.

    Posted by at 25.10.06 @ 02:24

  4. Hi Betty Kang,

    They are Peach blossoms, NAGAI-Park, Osaka, Japan.

    Posted by ursi at 25.10.06 @ 10:29

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