Sunday, 29. April 2007

2057 - Our Lives in 50 Years

What would you see and experience if the clocks rolled forward 50 years? In a unique blend of drama and science, this three-part series shows you the world of tomorrow. Will we have flying cars? Will advances in medicine help us stay young forever? What about "printing" custom-made vital organs? What will our cities look like? What will tomorrow's wars be about? Will we have robots helping around the house? Will solar power be the new oil?

Supported by the world's leading scientists and research institutes, we embark on a quest to answer some of society's most fundamental questions and reveal the dramas of tomorrow's world along the way. State-of-the-art computer graphics in combination with a dynamic story line will create a world usually only seen in feature films, but with the accuracy and relevance of a documentary. This series is all about opening the window of our future based on science fact, not science fiction.
-- Discovery Channel

The City
Cars without drivers?
Humanoid robots in every household?
Intelligent camera surveillance systems?

Runtime 43 minutes.

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An interactive tour of tomorrow's high-tech metropolis.

The World
An invisible soldier?
A space elevator to the stars?
Transmit the inventory of the Library of Congress via laser beam in seconds?
What are the real fuel sources of the future?

Runtime 43 minutes.

The Body
Flying ambulances?
Intelligent clothing?
Custom-built organs from scratch?
Robotic surgery?

Runtime 43 minutes.

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