Wednesday, 18. June 2008

Mu Zhen Photography


Stunning sceneries of a fantastic country, with an unique caracter in every shot!

Welcome to Guilin, China: Mu Zhen Photography

The site is sometimes a bit slow - but well worth to wait.
Here are just 24 pictures by Mu Zhen, but faster loading ...


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I don't post many commercials here,
but this ad by Nissan for the Teana is really cool!

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'Grand Theft Auto' on Google Maps

You can drive around the world without having to worry about spending money on expensive gas. And don't worry if you drive through a building or into the ocean ...

Try Simulating Driving on Google Maps - a project by Katsuomi Kobayashi.
I think there’s a potential for dozens of games to made off these types of apps ...


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