Saturday, 08. September 2007

Extreme Engineering: Bridging the Bering Strait

Do you remember Extreme Engineering: City in a Pyramid mentioned earlier in this blog?

I love these videos ... not becaue they're extreme ... but because they're so inspirational and fascinating!

Enjoy today Extreme Engineering: Bridging the Bering Strait:
A massive bridge joining North America and Asia – following the same intercontinental route as the ancient Bering Strait land bridge – holds the promise of unprecedented economic growth on both continents. That is, if it can be built.

Join structural engineers and leading architects as they reveal their impressive design plans for this futuristic passage. Spanning 55 miles of violent seas and crushing ice, the entire bridge would be encased in concrete – including the support cables – to enable it to withstand the rigors of the Arctic Ocean. The bridge's main deck would sport a multi-lane highway, allowing for two-way truck, car and train traffic. Beneath the topside asphalt, a complex network of oil, gas and electric pipelines would carry vital energy between the continents. And the whole thing would rest comfortably on massive, steel-reinforced concrete pillars – each weighing millions of pounds – specifically designed to endure the ever-shifting Arctic ice.

See also Discovery Channel's Extreme Engineering: Bering Strait Bridge interactive tour.

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