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Glass Sundial Image Archive


These pages include all suitable available images of glass sundials, past and present, from around the world. We arranged them in chronological order by century and by maker and have categorized them into four different groups: stained glass, etched glass and plastic, and mosaic. We've taken a certain amount of liberty to digitally improve poor quality photographs and drawings to show more accurately sundial shapes, design details and colors. Sadly, many of the sundial windows shown here have been lost, destroyed or are in private collections and are unavailable for public viewing, so these images are all that's left for us to study and enjoy.

Glass Sundial Image Archive

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Circus Trees

The Circus Trees were originally grown and created by Axel Erlandson, son of a Swedish immigrant. Inspired by observing a natural graft between two sycamore trees, Erlandson began to shape trees using intricate techniques. His techniques resulted in woven wonders made from living wood. The branches were carefully bent rather than cut and became complex and compound designs.

Circus Trees by Punkasspunk.

The History of the Circus Trees by Bonfante Gardens

Modern Circus Trees:
Arborsculpture by Arborsmith Studios


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Mystery of the Smiling Buddha


Rock carvings and parts of buildings lead to claims of mythical city of Mahabalipuram being discovered, and a Buddhist sage sits underneath the tree yards from the sea from which he was plucked.

Mystery of the smiling Buddha and ancient carvings that arrived as a gift from the tsunami - by The Times.

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Shoe Lacing Methods

How many possible ways are there to lace an average shoe? This simple question, when answered with mathematics, results in some surprisingly big numbers - on an average shoe with six pairs of eyelets, there are 1,961,990,553,600 ways to feed a shoelace though those 12 eyelets.

Shoe Lacing Methods and
Fifteen Ways To Tie Shoelaces
by Ian Fieggen


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Stor Wars

Und was gibt es heute zum Thema Star Wars? Store Wars!


Der Kampf von gutem organischem Gemüse und Obst gegen das böse Imperium der bestrahlten und chemisch veränderten Nahrungsmittel ...

Watch an amusing Star Wars parody created by the Organic Trade Association to spread the seeds of the "organic rebellion." Featuring Cuke Sykwalker, Princess Lettuce, Ham Solo, Chewbroccoli, Darth Tater, Tofu D2 and Obi-Wan Canoli.

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Gold Strike

Mit der Maus einfach die Blöcke wegklicken - mindestens zwei der selben Farbe müssen sich berühren: Gold Strike


Click on a block of rock or gold to throw a pick at it. If two or more blocks of the same type are connected, you can remove all of the connected blocks. However, you only score points for gold blocks, or blocks with special objects in them. The number of points you score for gold blocks depends on how many blocks are in the group.

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Oilcomputer - Ölcomputer


ja! es ist wirklich ein rechner komplett versenkt in pflanzenöl! ... (das geht weil öl keinen strom leitet) ... die lüfter sind zur zirkulation auch noch drin ...vor dem einbau wurde natürlich alles fein säuberlichst geputzt mit pressluft ...

... yes! it's really a computer completely in vegetable oil!

Oilcomputer - Ölcomputer von Markus Leonhardt.

Hmmm ... ich kann mir es einfach nicht vorstellen, dass eine solche Kiste läuft ...

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