Saturday, 25. October 2008

Fractal Experience


Fractals discover the true beauty, which stays behind matemathical formulas and computer algorithms. Although the are very similar to objects from the real world, they are 100% digitally generated and every single pixel here is a result of a computer calculation.

But it is more than an artistic affectation; it's a door to the fractal universe, a good starting point to discover what lies beyond your imagination. It's a fun, but it's also a challenge, so take a deep breath and dive in ...

Fractal Experience includes 1042 pictures, located in 18 galleries.


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Saturday, 18. October 2008

Labels for Drinks, Potions, and Treats

Are you planning a Halloween party? Well, in that case you might want to download and print off some novelty drink labels!
From Moon Dust and Zombie viruses, to deadly poisons and venomous snakes, these labels capturing the fantasy of potions with the realistic age of old script fonts.

Love Manor is a display that we do every year for Halloween. Featuring a spooky swamp-like graveyard and terrifying inside decor, it is sure to send shivers down anyone's spine.

Labels for Drinks, Potions, and Treats

Created by Johnny Love an artist who specializes in creating Halloween decor and props for haunts and attractions. Explore the gallery to see his other creations.


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Tuesday, 08. July 2008

The true face of Leonardo Da Vinci?

Siegfried Woldhek knows faces - he's drawn more than 1000 of them. Using sophisticated image analysis and his own skills as an artist, he's come up with a fascinating discovery about Leonardo Da Vinci.

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Tuesday, 17. June 2008

Speed Painting Art

Jack Sparrow - Pirate of Caribbean speed painting
[full-finished picture here]

This site shows the art and painting by Martin Missfeldt. He paints and draws with humour and oil paint, gouache, watercolor, ink or digital: speed painting videos, bustle-pictures, drawings, cartoons, illustrations, oil paintings, visual eye test pictures, short-comics and much more.

The latest works are the speed painting videos. Since 2003 Missfeldt paints also digital images with graphics tablet and the programm Adobe Photoshop. With the help of the computer, it is easy to get the painting-process as a video recorded. The videos have a real length of about 4 hours. After finishing the painting process the movies are saved as time-lapse video, so that a video with about 4 minutes length documents the entire painting process.

Speed Painting Art by Martin Missfeldt (English and German)

Another one I like:
Marilyn Monroe speed art typing
[full-finished picture and free download here]

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Wednesday, 04. June 2008

Hokusai - An Animated Sketchbook


Katsushika Hokusai was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and printmaker of the Edo period. In his time he was Japan's leading expert on Chinese painting.

Check out:

Katsushika Hokusai: 100 Poems by 100 Poets

More about he's best known woodblock print: The Great Wave

A complete Hokusai Book, Hokusai Manga Vol 12 in Touch & Turn format

And the Hokusai-Museum in Obuse, Japan

Tony White, who is known for his versatility and range of styles, way back in 1978, has uploaded his British Academy Award winning short film of Hokusai. A great overview of the artist's life and work and also his philosophy about art. White has used 60 Hokusai prints to animate this wonderful tribute. Amazing to see these drawings come to life. Enjoy!

Tony White put up a bunch of his other works on YouTube.
I would also recommend checking out his film Endangered Species.

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Tuesday, 03. June 2008


BRUSHster is an online painting machine for all ages. This shockwave interactive includes more than forty brushes and customizable size, transparency, texture, and stroke options. A rainbow palette, along with a toolbox of special effects that blur, ripple, smudge, blend, and fragment your designs help make BRUSHster a full-feature painting program.

Abstract painting is like visual music. It lets you share your mood or express an idea without painting a recognizable picture of something in the real world. BRUSHster is programmed to paint ABSTRACT art, but the tools can be used to create realistic pictures, too.


Click one of the green AUTO buttons and let the computer generate some paintings for you.


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Friday, 23. May 2008

Words are Pictures

Craig Ward is a London-based designer and illustrator who likes playing with words. Really nice portfolio!

Yes - it says it all: Words are Pictures.


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Wednesday, 21. May 2008

Flip Image

Some nice Flip Images by Thomas Woodruff:

Pic 1: Silent Screen Siren ||| Pic 2: Hag who Understands All



(via Jaf Project)

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Wednesday, 07. May 2008

Never Been

Never Been is a nine meter long wordless narrative scroll by Stuart Kolakovic: "It's not a comic strip as such, but is a visual description of a year in the life of a fictional Eastern European village sometime around the early twentieth century."

To explore click and drag the story.
I bet you'd find something new every time you look at it.


Be sure to check out his main portfolio.
He has a nice mix of modern style with a folk influence.

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Friday, 25. April 2008

Arjan Westerdiep Pixel Art


One of the early pixel based designer and flash developer aka drububu, Arjan Westerdiep, mashes up a massive art piece - The ic-project.

Have a look!
Click around the entire piece and watch it get drawn pixel by pixel. Watch the how to navigate movie on the top left. As you will see, pretty kewl functionalities are embedded.
And don't miss drububu's pixel art tutorial!

Below a progress animation of the pixel art illustration, created in MS Paint in 560 hours ...

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Wednesday, 23. April 2008

The Endeavour Botanical Illustrations

'Ipomoea indica' - click the picture for a larger view

James Cook's historic voyage of 1768-1771 on the HMS Endeavour was the first to be organized specifically for scientific exploration. The Royal Society of London commissioned the journey to the South Pacific to observe the eclipse of the sun by Venus and to take measurements that would permit advances in ocean navigation. During the journey, the naturalists on board would also collect more than 30,000 samples and describe more than 1,400 species new to science.

The Endeavour sailed for South America in August 1768, rounding Cape Horn and heading into the uncharted Pacific. The team took the eclipse measurements, mapped the coasts of New Zealand and Australia and sailed home via southern Africa, sighting England more than 1,000 days after setting sail. Their expedition produced major discoveries in geography, natural history and medicine, and artist Sydney Parkinson's sketches were eventually published in 21 large bound volumes.

The Botany Library at London's Natural History Museum holds all the surviving botanical art, and this well-produced site presents most of it. An engaging introductory essay recounts the story of the Endeavour's voyage, and the collection of artwork can be searched or browsed by country. Each drawing is labeled as to species and family and can be viewed at nearly full size:
The Endeavour Botanical Illustrations.

See more images from Cook's first voyage in this picture library.

Find out more about the history of Captain Cook and exploration at the BBC History site.

Syzygium suborbiculare

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Friday, 18. April 2008

LA Pop Art

Los Angeles Pop Art creates pop art images using the ancient technique of “micrography,” an art form that dates back millennia to the Egyptians, Jews, and Muslims. Micrography is the art of writing texts in very small letters to form the illusion of an image. Entire texts, such as a movie script or book, are used to form posters and other artwork.

Amazing portfolio of film, music, and popular literature artwork:
LA Pop Art. (high-res)

For example " The Godfather":


And a closer look:


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Thursday, 10. April 2008

Ardell Morton Scottish Landscape Artist

Eilean Donan Castle, Wester

Ardell Morton is a Scottish landscape artist born in the U.S. of Scottish heritage.
A traditional oil painter, she specializes in the Highlands and the Hebrides Islands where she has traveled extensively, sketching and documenting the local landscape and wildlife. A large part of her time is also spent in historical research of Scottish clans in relation to their strongholds and medieval castle sites.

Ardell Morton Scottish Landscape Artist

Balmoral Castle, Grampian

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Tuesday, 08. April 2008

Linn Olofsdotter Illustration

Linn Olofsdotter, from Sweden, has explored many mediums before solidifying her career in the illustration field. After getting her education in both advertising and graphic design in Europe and the US, she moved to Brazil to start up a motion graphics studio along with her husband and creative partner.
She used her skills as an illustrator to help brand TV networks such as Fine Living, MTV and Anime Network amongst others.

Linn Olofsdotter Illustration
She paints in a diversified manner, but I like her complex style.

Title: Patterns and Pistils, Computer Arts

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Friday, 04. April 2008

Sergey Tyukanov Museum Of Art

Wonderful web site design, and great art!

If you admire artists like Jacek Yerka, Hieronymus Bosch, Ian miller and Glovackij. Then you probably like this guy also.

Sergey Tyukanov Museum Of Art


(via The Presurfer)

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