Thursday, 31. December 2015

This week

This week most of the time I'm on the way to making my business. Therefore, I'm away from my computer and blogging will not be as usual.

You know, every Sunday I posted a long video here. This will continue for the next days and I promise all are really worth watching!

So enjoy today:

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Saturday, 12. December 2015

50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions

At first glance, the 50 Most Visited Attractions List confirms several tourist industry truisms: A) Americans love to travel, but they prefer to stick within their own borders. B) Wherever Mickey Mouse goes, he conquers. C) Paris is the unofficial cultural theme park of the world. And D) Niagara Falls isn’t just for lovers anymore.

But the list also contains several surprises. Since the Taj Mahal—our fiftieth and final attraction—receives 2.4 million visitors a year, several popular favorites like the the Prado (2 million), the Uffizi (1.6 million), Angkor (1.5 million) and Stonehenge (850,000) didn’t make the cut. And while Western audiences may not be familiar with names like Everland and Lotte World, these South Korean mega-parks managed to rank 16th and 22nd on our list, respectively.

50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions by Forbes Traveler.
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Friday, 06. November 2015

Ship Parade

Ship Parade - dozens of cruise reviews, hundreds of ships, thousands of photos.
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Wednesday, 04. November 2015


Maybe - as a regular reader of my blog - you remember: My husband Roland and I were on a cruise through the Caribbean in March 2008. Within 14 days, we visited 11 stunning islands with historical towns, colorful people and spectacular nature. And hopefully, you saw the photo album, includes 229 photos with short descriptions.

Then, in August, I promised to bring up the Video Travelogue to "The Pearls of the Caribbean". Now - finally - I have finished editing all the videos, altogether 12 clips!

I am pleased to share with you our travel experiences - enjoy!

Note: It's a 11 min HD video and a pretty large file (300MB+), it takes awhile to load! If the player stops, this could be because the server is overloaded, your Internet connection is slow, and/or overall Internet is slow. You may need to pause it and let the video load a bit more before watching it straight through.


Part 1 - The Intro: The route from the voyage

In the evening of March 7th, we arrived in Oranjestad.
The first thing was boarding the ship MS "Delphin" (German for "Dolphin"). It's a ship more or less unknown outside the German-speaking countries, but a most lovely, small ship indeed. Carrying 450 passengers and a crew of 200.

Part 2 (start around 03:00): Saturday, March 8th. A tour around Aruba, before the ship was leaving on its journey. Just photos, because we forgot the video camera ... uh!

Part 3 (start around 06:06): Yepeee! At 7pm our cruise ship leaved the dock!

Now we were on the way to Trinidad. March 8th was a full day at sea to relax and explore the ship and all of the many options it offers. Soon we found our way around the floating village ...

Upcoming Video: Trinidad
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Saturday, 31. October 2015

Arteinscena Atelier

Arteinscena Atelier: Theatrical Costume Patterns by Maria Adele Cipolla


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Go To China

This website is the result of a study-trip to Shanghai and Beijing, made by 17 Norwegian students in February 2008. We hope this site can be helpful for others visiting China. Through this website we will give a presentation of our trip, and share tips and knowledge we gained when traveling.

Go To China
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Sunday, 11. October 2015

Ocean Empires

Ocean Empires takes the audience on a unique journey into the heart of a coral reef to tell the story of how simple animals and plants have managed to build the greatest of all biological constructions – the atolls.

The movie shows how these underwater mountains form great chains across the Pacific Ocean. Filmed over 3 years, Ocean Empires contains images of mass spawning by fishes and corals, spectacular footage of
predation by a massive tiger shark and exquisite rare images of the deadly conesnail murdering its sleeping victims.

Ocean Empires by Australian Geographic, 1999

Duration: 50 minutes

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Sunday, 27. September 2015

Top 10 International Wedding Dances

Different cultures different wedding dances

Here a really nice collection of wedding dances from different places of the world. So, watch the videos and start dancing

Argentine Wedding

Moroccan Wedding

Djembe Wedding in Mali

Jewish Wedding

German Wedding

Indian Wedding

Libanese wedding (in Melbourne)

Chinese Wedding

Afghan Wedding

Kongo Wedding Dance

What is your favorite dance?
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Sunday, 20. September 2015

Old Book Illustrations

This site is designed to provide you with a wide range of illustrations scanned from old books. Most of these pictures are wood engravings or woodcuts, fewer are etchings or metal engravings; Visitors looking for nineteenth century or victorian clipart might just find it here.

Old Book Illustrations


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Monday, 31. August 2015

The Musical Genius - Derek Paravicini hier hat es 5 Teile!

26-year-old Derek Paravicini is completely blind and partly autistic. Despite his profound disabilities, his brain is a perfectly programmed musical computer.

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Wednesday, 26. August 2015

Why I Fucking Hate Weblogs!

Why I Fucking Hate Weblogs!
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Tuesday, 18. August 2015

Magical Kissing

For the girls and ladies: Are you the Cleopatra of your Life?

Especially when they are so many books and web sites out there, all dedicated to the art of kissing and flirting, that can teach you the mechanics of everything you need to know? But that's just the point.

Would you rather know the nitty-gritty on how a car runs, or would you rather slide behind the wheel and drive away in a smooth rush of power.

Would you rather be mystery and romance, or just a pair of lips?

Be the girl of his dreams or the temporary girl on his arms? In these days of equality most women have forgotten how to be a woman. They have forgotten how to be romantic, how to flirt, how to package their sensuality and wage psychological warfare to spear the man they want.

For the boys and gentlemens: Being Yourself - The Most Critical Factor is YOU!

If you are totally stressed out, struggling to be someone you are not, you aren't going to succeed.

Let it all go ... all the pretensions, all the desires to be something you are not. Rule no 1 and your bedrock of success, is to be yourself.

Most guys I consult with don't understand how to identify their positive attributes, let alone bring them out of hiding. You see, every many has a special flare, an added bonus, a unique and completely attractive style all of his own.

If you think no one will like you, they won't. If you think you wouldn't be able to get a girl, you won't. On the other hand if you think you can get a girl, though maybe not this one, than you will.

Magical Kissing



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Monday, 17. August 2015

Videos - texte

-Excellent lighting. The sun was setting.
-Good lens- 28mm 2.0 is my goto lens. Definitely
-Solid Rig. IndiRailsPro20. Best purchase for my rig so far.

-My image was flipped. But, now I resolved this issue by doing a LCD flip hack.
-Still not zoomed in enough, I had to zoom into the footage with premiere.
-Need follow focus, even though it is solid, cannot rack focus without a follow focus.
-Beer on the 50mm haha.
-Need a glidecam/flycam system. Shots are still not stable. Maybe a mono pod- just need something to where I can quickly move to get stable/ interesting angles. Any suggestions?

Even on a tripod it was hard to make very stable timelapse shots. T

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Friday, 31. July 2015

The Sport of Life and Death: The Mesoamerican Ballgame

The Mesoamerican ballgame is the oldest organized sport in history. (meso.jpg)

The Sport of Life and Death: The Mesoamerican Ballgame
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Wednesday, 29. July 2015

Michele Berti Photography


Michele Berti Photography

Tuscan Landscapes

Walking around the Siennese Crete Land, the hills of the Orcia Valley or along Valdichiana's fields is a wonderful experience: colours, shapes, trees and dirt roads all take form in a multitude of different coloured compositions which recall everythime my attention. Putting them into a photo makes eveything much more enjoyable and beautiful.

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